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With live event screen-printing, people really get the chance to be involved in the process in a way that not many other forms of marketing offer With live screen-printing, people can actually decide everything about the finished product. These things will include what the design is, where the design is, the color of the design, and, if they are feeling adventurous, the chance to actually print the design themselves.

When we show up to an event, we invite people to unleash their artistic side. They get to make decisions about the finished product, including design, color, and if they’re feeling adventurous, the chance to actually print their own T-shirt.

We offer a variety of shirt styles and colors, and our screen printing equipment has a six-color printing option. As the event host, you can work with our team beforehand to come up with as many as ten different designs. The designs do not have to be limited to your logo or slogan—let your imagination run wild. We’ll recreate your vision in screen print form.

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