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Live screen printing at all kinds of parties and events are gaining in popularity around the country for good reason. Event attendees love lining up to choose their own promotional print design and colors and then watch us print on every type of specialty advertising item from t-shirts to tote bags. They enjoy taking part in creating one of a kind event souvenirs that they can take home with them. 

At Rival Screen Printing, we have over 6 years experience with screen printing at many kinds of live events. Let us take you through all the steps in planning a live screen printing event from start to finish. By taking advantage of our experience and professional advice, you will attract more visitors to your happening while promoting your own brand. Live screen printing instantly turns any event into a customized screen printing shop all rolled into one. Let us bring our printing setup to your next event!

We love doing tradeshows where we can engage customers and get you real face time to generate leads. From live screen printing on the Las Vegas strip, the beaches in Gulf Shores, or at the top of Emire State building in NYC. WE can travel anywhere to make your event extraordinary.

Live Screen Printing for Corporate Events

Live Screen Printing not only give you best marketing value but it also offers a truly unique experience for your customers. The longer customer can stay at our booth, it only enhances the identity to the brand. Thus creating a long lasting relationship with customer to buy your products more often. 

Customer often go from brand to brand just looking for free stuff, grabbing anything they can get their hand why not be different, think different! 


Live Screen Printing Videos

Event Screen Printing @ JCCC

Live Screen Printing @ Baconmania Des Moines

On-site Screen Printing - Baconmania Des Moines



Live events are one of the best ways to get out there and meet new customers while introducing your company’s product line. People look forward to attending live events, often marking them in their calendars months in advance. They get to see your products in action, view hands-on demonstrations and meet key people in your company...



Marketing with a live screen printing event is effective because it provides two points of contact: the event itself, and a memorable giveaway. By selecting their own design, not only does the potential client get to participate in the creative process, they get to leave with something they actually want rather than just another...



With live event screen-printing, people really get the chance to be involved in the process in a way that not many other forms of marketing offer With live screen-printing, people can actually decide everything about the finished product. These things will include what the design is, where the design is, the color of the design....



Brand awareness Next to a great product, brand awareness is certainly one of the next most important things for an organization. You do not just want people thinking about your brand at the event, you want these thoughts to be sustained long after the event has come and gone. The ways that you can raise brand awareness...


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