About us

What make us so special ?

Our staff is made up of professional screen printers who have fine-tuned their craft, giving the customer the best possible product every time. These aren't rookie printers who have completed an internship somewhere and now they like to print t-shirts. These are real printing professionals who understand the different inks, their interactions with each type of fabric and what it takes to make the most professional looking final product.

When you schedule a live screen printing session and get your potential customers to gather around the booth to choose their own shirts, you can trust our screen printers to make you proud. With their expertise and sense of finesse, they will show off their screen printing skills to your live audience. Your customers will feel the difference a professional printing job can make when they proudly put their shirts on for the first time.

Our Live Event Clients

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Meet Our Team

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Clint Kucera

Clint is the owner and founder of Rival Screen Printing, and has made screen printing his life for more than 4 years now. Clint's vast knowledge of screen printing techniques and highly developed skill come together to produce the highest quality prints. Clint loves doing live events and can be found all over the US making hundreds of shirts on the fly.

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Jeremy Sand
Programs and Events Coordinator

When he's not on the disc golf course, Jeremy can be found assisting, managing, and promoting during live screen printing events.  His attention to detail and focus on preparation helps live screen printing events run smoothly. Nothing goes unseen under his watch.

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Tim Dolittle
Regional Event Manager

Tim is a highly trained screen printer who loves taking his talents on the road for live events.  Tim is ready to organize and run a live screen printing event from top to bottom, putting custom-made shirts in your customers' hands in a matter of minutes.

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Steph Petersen
Brand Manager & Cat Enthusiast

Stephanie's social media expertise and cat-like response times to questions and inquiries are an important part of Rival Screen Printing's customer service focus.  Whether it's managing event photos or giving quick and full answers to customer emails, Steph plays an important role in keeping things running smoothly.