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Get Better Customer Retention From Your Events


Live events are a great place to get your company’s name out there. Attendees love making contacts and checking out new products—but most of all, they love getting free advertising goodies.

Upon entering the event, they typically go from booth to booth, checking out the giveaway selection. T-shirts are consistently among the most popular items. Unlike a bag, which may or may not get used, a pen that gets lost or used up quickly, or a keychain that no one else will see, T-shirts with your company logo are proudly worn to work, shopping, walking the dog or to little league games. Whatever your company’s message is, it goes farther on a printed T-shirt.

Remember the days when you had to order a minimum of 1,000 printed T-shirts? With on-site live event printing, there is no waste and no fuss. We come with blank shirts and leave with any unprinted extras. You don’t have any excess shirts to buy, and no leftover inventory to worry about. We will work with you prior to the event to come up with up to ten design options, and our equipment prints up to six colors to give your customers plenty of variety.

But you don’t have to just give away your printed T-shirts! Get something in return for your specialty advertising dollars by offering on-site screen printing services. Customers will flock to a booth so they can watch a live screen printing event in progress and get a free customized shirt of their very own. Take advantage of all that traffic by collecting their name and contact information. They walk away with a free branded T-shirt and you get to collect dozens of leads to grow your prospective database. Since the shirt will be a design and color the customer chose themselves, chances are much higher they’ll wear it again and again.

Offering on-site printing at live events helps you not only grow your customer list, it will help you retain customers as well. With their contact details in your database, you can send them emails and engage them on social media sites. With targeted social media posts, you can announce new products, upcoming events and special deals.

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