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Free Custom T-Shirts & Apparel Hand Outs

We love free stuff. You love free stuff. Everybody remembers when they get a free giveaway, but we’re taking that positive engagement to the next step. With a live screen printing event, not only are you offering your guests a unique, personalized gift, you’re giving them an experience to remember. Live screen printing is interactive entertainment that will help them remember your brand long after the event is over.

Yes, people love free samples and giveaways—but meaningful, positive engagement makes all the difference when it comes to customer retention. Live screen printing events are a great way to show your attendees they are appreciated, whether you are hosting an event for clients, donors, employees, or friends and family. The event is performed by dedicated professionals who put on a fun and interactive show.

Work with our team to develop up to ten T-shirt designs. These can commemorate the event itself, or reflect something about your brand, values or cause. Whatever the reason for your event, your guests will have a great time and walk away with a personalized gift that will keep them talking for months to come. Their customized T-shirt will be a great memento for both the event itself and your brand identity.

If you hand out 1,000 shirts and people don’t remember where they got it or why, it just becomes another article of clothing sitting in the back of the closet. Get your guests excited about their gift by making them part of the creative process. The end product will be something they’ll be proud to wear, and proud to share where it came from.

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