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In 1968, “The North Face” as we know it today, was created in San Francisco. The two masterminds behind what is now a far and widespread phenomena were a couple of outdoor enthusiasts named Douglas Tompkins and Kenneth Klopp.

Inspiration for the brand name “The North Face” struck in response to a trip the two men took up Eagle Mountain, located in Minnesota. Named from the generally understood idea that the most challenging route of mountains in that part of the world are on the north face. This brand is known, not only for their production of extremely popular and high quality fleece outerwear, but also for their role in sponsoring various athletic events. The store was not always known for its wide outdoor selection though.

In the beginning, their North Face gear was designed for mountain climbers. As time went on, skiing equipment was added and then camping gear. In this day and age, North Face jackets are truly inescapable. That said, it is for good reason that they are so popular. From these simple beginnings has grown one of the largest and most well organized of organized physical challenges, The North Face Endurance Challenge. Different versions of the challenge are held in different places such as Washington DC, New York City, and San Francisco. Our live screen-printing event took place at the Kansas City endurance challenge. The challenge allows the chance to sign up for different courses, which include a 5k, a half marathon, a 50k and more. We always love to work these extremely competitive events. For one, the energy that these well-trained athletes give off is exceptionally contagious, even for those not competing. Second is that we get to play the role of fun relief from whatever serious activity may be going on at the time. People that are competing love the chance to get a break from the race that they have been training over the months for, to design a t-shirt. It means that much more to the people running the races because it will remind them of all the hard work and sacrifice they have put into their training and how much they have grown from it.

Without a doubt, this was by far one of our favorite events to work and we look forward to being a part of it again in the future.

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