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Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft in 1975. Today, Microsoft is one of the foremost software development companies in the world. Of the many reasons Microsoft is so relevant today, one is that they managed to navigate their software to being a near absolute standard in both worlds of personal and professional computing. This event connected Microsoft recruiters with the bright young minds of Columbia University. With Columbia being one of the premier private universities in the country, it makes sense that Microsoft would do some of their shopping around in that area. There was no doubt that the live scree-printing event played a particularly important role at this event The stress levels were very high. The combination of an extremely competitive candidate selection and a very limited number of highly exclusive positions that (as we learned) many of these students had desired since they were very young, meant that the level of tension was not too surprising. The role that we noticed our live event printing played was that of relieving tension, more than anything. While they were all suffering from some serious anxiety, as their futures rested on how they answered certain questions, the chance to do something calming like designing their own t-shirt brought on a much needed sense of relief to many. Additionally, the chance to stand in line and joke with classmates prolonged this welcome change of pace. Overall, whether they landed their dream jobs with the software giant or not, we take great comfort in the fact that we were able to provide a sense of relief at such a stressful time.

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