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You take two things that are just plain awesome on their own, like Heineken Beer or the Willis Tower, and you're doing pretty well. But put them together and you have got a combination for inevitable success. With Heineken putting on their latest brand awareness campaign in the Midwest, what better place to put on their event than the Willis Tower in beautiful downtown Chicago?

A little background for those that may not know, the Willis Tower used to be known as the Sears Tower. To many Chicago natives it will always be the Sears tower, despite the whole legal changing of ownership thing. It was the world’s tallest building from 1973 until the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia were built in 1998. It is 108 stories high. The building also features a very popular observation deck, which easily gets one million or more visitor every year.

It truly dominates the Chicago skyline and anybody that has ever been out there or even seen pictures of it can attest the magnitude of it. With such status, it would only make sense for a company that has the same authority in the world of beer to use the space for their marketing event. The brew master Gerard Adriaan Heineken first introduced Heineken to the world in 1873. His first step, in 1864, was to acquire a brewery known as “Den Hoyberg.” The rest, as they say, is history. Anyone who has ever tasted the Heineken Lager Beer knows that it is one that does not disappoint in the quality department. This is something that was certainly no accident, as Gerard put great attention into the quality of his creation. This was shown through the fact that it went on to win a great deal of international beer competitions.

This event offered the opportunity for loyal fans of Heineken to get the chance to have a new level of interaction with a brand that they already know and love. These type of events are something that big companies are really starting to get into, and it is easy to see why. Everybody wins with these marketing efforts. The people that attend get the chance to network with the brand as well as other people that love the brand. They also get the chance to score free merchandise, such as custom made t-shirts, printed right in front of them. And then there is the benefit for the brand, which is that they can take some time to give back to a few of the people that made their success possible.

We have always pushed these as the most important benefits to such events with our clients. With Heineken, we found that the majority of the turnout at the Willis Tower was a group of fun-loving beer-drinking professionals that just love to hang out and have a great time together. This is the ideal environment to do live screen-printing and we found that all the guests really got into the practice and enjoyed the chance to create their own unique memento of the event.

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