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While spending money on producing your live event, there are ways you can also make money. One of the most well-attended giveaway booths at any live event offers onsite printing. Onsite branding of your products, such as T-shirts, means that when customers leave the event, they carry your message with them. Branded T-shirts are one of the best promotional products because of the large printing area – on two sides. Other specialty advertising gimmicks, such as pens, keychains, bags or mugs, have limited use and minimal areas for printing. T-shirts also get the best exposure, as people love to wear stylish branded shirts.

So how do you turn this love of onsite printed T-shirts into money in your pocket? Simple. Rather than giving the shirts away, you can sell them! Say, for instance, that you are selling fashionable shirts printed with your logo for $20. People will snatch them up at that price, and whatever the profit is, you get it back at the end of the event. You do not have to pre-order any quantity of customized shirts. We bring blank T-shirts to your live event, along with our specialized onsite printing setup. We offer a choice of sizes, colors and designs that the customer can choose from. With the option of six-color printing, the customer will gladly pay for a dazzling shirt as an event souvenir.

To double your benefits by selling customized T-shirts at live events, be sure to ask each buyer for his or her email and contact information, so you can follow up afterward.

What happens at the end of the live event? We pack up our tent and go home. We take with us all unused T-shirts and leave you with a wad of money, representing the profit made on the customized T-shirts. And don’t forget that since they chose the perfect shirt for themselves, they will wear them long after the event ends. Wherever they go while wearing the branded T-shirt, your company’s logo and message will be visible to everyone.

At any event, on-site printing booths always draw a crowd. But instead of giving away screen printed products, why not go retail? Our T-shirts and apparel make great souvenirs for school and charity benefits, sports, concerts, trade shows and other events.

You can choose from a variety of sizes and designs, with a six-color printing option. There’s no preorder required. We bring T-shirts to your event, along with our specialized on-site printing setup. Since the shirts are printed on demand, you aren’t stuck with a bunch of leftover inventory.

Not only is a live screen printing event a good way to bring in extra money, it’s a great way to increase awareness for your company or organization. Since your buyers choose the perfect shirt for themselves, they’ll wear it long after the event is over. Wherever they go while wearing the branded T-shirt, your company’s logo and message will be visible to everyone. A live screen printing event is also a great way to capture contact information for potential clients and donors.

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