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Marketing with a live screen printing event is effective because it provides two points of contact: the event itself, and a memorable giveaway. By selecting their own design, not only does the potential client get to participate in the creative process, they get to leave with something they actually want rather than just another novelty pen or notepad.

Further marketing mileage can be gotten out of T-shirts than most other advertising items, such as key chains or mugs, which have limited use and minimal surface area for printing. T-shirts have large printing areas on both sides. They mean the most exposure for your company or organization, as people love to wear stylish branded shirts.

Live screen printing events also give you the opportunity to tap into target marketing. If you’re hosting the event, then you know your audience. You know what items will appeal to them, so you can select screen printing products and design options accordingly and get the most out of your event.

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