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Live screen printing is the best way to capture attention. Stand out by creating a memorable on site experience at your next show. Live screen printing is the best way to capture attention, why not stand out and be different with live screen printing at your next show.

Why Choose Live Screen Printing?

We strive for excellence

by bringing our creativity & energy

in every live screen printing event we do.

Live screen printing is one of the most effective ways to capture and hold an audience’s attention. This allows you to spend more time getting to know potential customers or entertaining a crowd.

A T-shirt never goes out of style for children and adults alike. When you give people the opportunity to pick their own design and colors, the T-shirt quickly takes on a new dimension. And when your customer gets a chance to see the printing process, they will have a story to tell about their new favorite item.

Whether it happens at a trade show, conference, sporting event, sales meeting, or a family reunion, live screen printing is a magnet for attention and a rewarding experience. Participants will leave with a T-shirt that they can call their own.

Live Screen Printing

Reasons to schedule a live screen printing event:

  • Your audience gets to watch the printing process happen, showing them that their piece is made with quality materials and care. 
  • Each member of the audience chooses their own design, T-shirt color, and ink colors.
  • Happy participants love sharing their experience with others after they leave the event with something of value. 
  • Your branding is on display whenever the T-shirt is worn.

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Our Recent Work

Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement
Live Screen Printing Hats

Live Screen Printing Hats

Custom design and phrases on any hat
Tradeshow Life

Tradeshow Life

Who doesnt have a 1000 landyards laying around t heir office?
We Love Las Vegas

We Love Las Vegas

No, we really do! In 2019 we ran 46 events on the strip alone.
Corporate Parties

Corporate Parties

Live screen printing + amazing after parties
Pop Up Print Studios

Pop Up Print Studios

We can fit into any show booth, even a 10x10
Live Screen Printing For Lowes

Live Screen Printing For Lowes

Custom live screen printed t-shirts for Lowes in Boulder
Car Gurus Trade Show Booth

Car Gurus Trade Show Booth

Cusom shirts printed at NADA 2019.
Live Screen Printing In London

Live Screen Printing In London

London was one of the last stops for 2019!
Capital One Golf Hats

Capital One Golf Hats

Custom hats for Captial One charity golf tournament.

words from our CEO

Changing Live Screen Printing

What do I say about myself other than, we can only look forward to producing better live events every years. We love our clients, we love live screen printing.

We look forward to creating better events with you for years to come. 

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The ultimate experience

The secret to a successful live screen printing event isn’t only the T-shirts. It’s how they’re created and who does the creating. We love what we do, so we offer a full slate of services designed to make the process as easy as possible for our customers with an end result everyone can be proud of.


If you wish, you can let us do everything except pick the place and time for the event and decide how many shirts you need. You can also participate at every step except, of course, the actual printing.


For example:
• We can use your design, work with you to create a design or just develop a design based on your idea. Our professional designers are experts at turning ideas and sketches into designs that make a powerful impact.
• If you’re not sure what shirt style you prefer, we’ll help you decide by showing you an array of options.
• We handle all the details of setting up the equipment at your site and printing the shirts. We provide all the inks and other materials needed so you don’t have to worry about anything.
• Our team of printers have the long experience needed to make sure your live screen printing event goes smoothly. We join your team to make sure your event is what it should be—exciting, fun and more than worth the effort.

Our goal is to create a winning event that leaves everybody smiling. So contact us and get started bringing the magic to your next event

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The theme is clean and crisp, yet it's genuinely sophisticated when it comes to the number of design tools offered with it and the flexibility.

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