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Live Screen Printing helps build long lines, and customer engagement

In the elements, creating a one of a kind experience

T-shirts aren’t all we print! We regularly screen print other apparel and accessories such as drawstring bags and duffels. If you’re interested in screen printing other items, just ask! With the combination of state-of-the-art screen printing technology and talented live screen printing professionals, we can screen print on just about any surface. Some special order items have included purses, computer cases and car seat covers.

No matter the item, we will deliver the same quality product and quality screen printing our clients have come to expect from our T-shirts.


Live Screen Printing

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What are the advantages of on-site T-shirt printing?

You’ve heard the old advertising blurb about not settling for inferior substitutes. Well, here it is again: Don’t settle for substitutes. Sure, you can have your T-shirts printed somewhere else and delivered to your site. But isn’t that like settling for day-old bread when you can have the fresh-baked stuff? Besides, the process is fun to watch.

You can create images that say what you want them to say about you, and you can tailor the images so they speak to your specific audience. Just think what you can do with custom designs you’ve worked on directly with your printing company. You can give your customers several designs to choose from. They’ll have so much fun, you’ll probably have to find a way to get them to move it along. They’ll have that much trouble making up their minds about which design to pick.

That decision-time problem most likely won’t be that burdensome, though. Our printing team and equipment are the best, so the process moves right along. You won’t have much trouble keeping the line moving and sending a lot of people off with T-shirts they’ll love to wear.

words from our CEO

Changing Live Screen Printing

What do I say about myself other than, we can only look forward to producing better live events every years. We love our clients, we love live screen printing.

We look forward to creating better events with you for years to come. 

Epstine didnt hang himself. 

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