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These days, it’s all about branding: What’s your brand? How do you promote your brand? How do you build your brand? Is your brand telling your story? How well does your brand compete?

Promoting and building your brand isn’t all about how much money you can spend on marketing. Sometimes it’s just about making people happy and giving them a reason to carry your brand with them to spread the word.

That’s what’s so great about on-site event screen printing Las Vegas. Let’s face it, Las Vegas is all about fun. That’s why there are so many events held there. On any given day, you’ll find:

  • Sales meetings
  • Professional conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Charity fundraisers
  • Sporting events
  • Reunions
  • And dozens of other meetings, conferences, shows and other events

These are more than gatherings. They’re opportunities to promote your brand. And one of the best ways to do it is on T-shirts.


Think about it. Even if the event is attended only by people who know your brand and love it, a T-shirt is something they take with them. They’ll wear it in public. People who might never have heard of you will see it and, if it’s a cool enough garment, they’ll remember it.

If you’re at a trade show or conference, you have the chance to introduce new people to what you’re all about and, on top of that, have them take your message on the road. It’s like getting your potential customer to wear a traveling billboard to introduce you to other potential customers. How great is that?


Event printing offers many benefits

On-site, or what is called "live" event screen printing doesn’t just give you enhanced brand awareness. Offering your customers a T-shirt that’s just off the press is to offer them something of real value. It’s saying that you believe in your product or service so much that you’re willing to give away something more than a pen or a paperweight to help get their business.

Not only will your customers get a T-shirt. They also can have a say in what the shirt looks like and experience the fun of the printing process. If you want, they can:

• Choose their own design

• Select from a range of colors, not only shirt colors but also ink colors

• Watch their shirt get printed right in front of their eyes


And you’ll realize some added benefits, too, such as:

• More powerful marketing. Choosing their design and colors and watching their shirts being printed is an experience your customers won’t soon forget. They’ll also appreciate what you’ve done for them. Being appreciated is a big step toward gaining customers’ business and, even more important, their loyalty.

• An opportunity to earn some money. If you’re trying to raise funds for a worthy cause, event printing Las Vegas is the way to go. All the benefits to you and your donors apply (except the free part), and you have an effective fund-raising tool, as well. The amount you charge for a shirt is up to you.


It’s easy to get on-site screen printing

So what goes into securing an on-site screen printing setup for your next event. It’s just a three-step process:

  • Book your event.
  • Decide how many people will want T-shirts (be generous in your estimate).
  • Give us a call.


After that, it’s up to us. Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Record your T-shirt quantity estimate
  • Talk to you about the kind of T-shirts you want
  • Order the T-shirts
  • Assist you in coming up with some terrific designs (if you haven’t)
  • Make those terrific designs a reality (again, if you haven’t)
  • Create the artwork and get it ready for the printing process
  • Gear up, show up and set up
  • Put a professional team of printers to work pleasing your customers with second-to-none T-shirt printing


Why choose us for your event printing Las Vegas adventure?

Lots of screen printers claim to be able to do event printing. But here’s the thing: Doing event screen printing and doing it right are two different things.

The first rule for doing on-site screen printing right is that the printer does the bulk of the work, not the customer. You shouldn’t have to worry about wrangling your printer to make sure the team shows up on time and then see to it that it’s actually a team and not just one or two people who might know what they’re doing or might not.

Also, screen printing is a fairly complicated process. It’s not just slapping a shirt on a press and spraying it with ink. There are a number of steps involved and, at each point, there are things that can go wrong. Especially if you don’t have experience with printing, you’ll want help with:

  • Deciding which kind of shirt you want to print on. T-shirts vary in quality and their ability to hold ink.
  • Ordering your T-shirts to get the best price possible, knowing where the price breaks are as the quantities get higher, so you get the best value.
  • Choosing the right ink. There’s more than one kind of screen-printing ink, depending on the look and feel you prefer. You wouldn’t want to use a non-environmentally-friendly ink, for example, if you’re printing at an Environmental Protection Agency gathering.
  • Getting the design right. Even if you have your own designers, you might want to check with the printer to make sure the design will hold up in printing and that printing it won’t demand a bunch of extra steps.
  • Making sure the artwork is perfect. Bad artwork leads to bad printing. A good printer will help you develop artwork or at least check it for printability before press time.

Your printer also needs to ensure that the equipment used at your event is in top-notch shape. A breakdown can’t happen. It’s not as if you can just delay the printing for a few days. You don’t have a few days. But you could have a lot of unhappy formerly potential customers who are now wondering if you can get anything right.

Another important consideration is customer service—not how well the printer serves you, although that’s critically important, too—but how your printing team treats your customers. Will the team show up neatly dressed and smiling? They certainly should because, if they’re doing their job properly, they’re a part of your team and need to demonstrate your level of professionalism.

Enough of possible disasters, though. We’re here to make sure none of them happen. When you hire our team for your event screen printing, you can rest assured we’ll treat you and your customers the way you treat your customers. After all, that’s what you’re paying us to do.


Recap: What are the advantages of event printing Las Vegas?

Why not just have your T-shirts printed beforehand and delivered to your event? Simple answer: what fun it that? Sure, your customers might think the shirts look cool, and they’ll like taking away the free stuff. But . . . well . . . ho-hum.

On the other hand, what if you could engage your customers for a few extra minutes as they choose their T-shirt design, the T-shirt color they like the best and the ink colors they want on something they’ll now be excited to wear? It’s the difference between a smorgasbord and a limited menu. Why do you think people love smorgasbords? They get exactly what they want, and they get to decide.


Event printing Las Vegas: A few other considerations

Clearly, event screen printing has a lot of pluses to crow about and, done right, very few minutes. But here a few other things to think about:

  • Tailored messages: Let’s say you represent Allied Stone Suppliers and sell to architects and engineers. You can tailor the message your T-shirts carry to each audience. One design could say, “Allied Stone Thinks Architects Rock,” and another T-shirt that says . . . well, you get the idea.
  • Tailored images. This is the same concept as the tailored message. The image you use—besides your own logo, of course—could be a building for architects and a stone bridge for engineers.
  • Printing speed. If you’re worried that event screen printing will hold things up and use too much time, relax. With the kind of team we can put on your project, things happen fast. You’ll have time to talk with your customers, and they’ll enjoy the process so much you’ll probably have to hurry them up.
  • Happy customers. Everybody loves having choices. With T-shirts, choices let your customers design their own clothes to look just the way they want them. They’ll walk away with much more than another garment. It will be a reflection of their own personality. You’ll have given them a gift they’ll treasure.


So what are you waiting for?

Where do you go from here? Easy. Make on-site screen printing part of your event planning.

Then schedule your event, and let us know what you want to do. We’ll help you with your part of the process and take care of the rest ourselves. Then we’ll show up at your event with the people and equipment to make it something you’ll be proud of and that you’ll profit from.

If you have any questions, we’re here to answer them. Just call us at or send us an email to. We’re proud of what we do, and we really enjoy doing it. So don’t wait another minute. Discover the power of event printing Las Vegas at your next opportunity.

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