Kansas City, Missouri

From where Kansas City sits at the heart of the nation, it attracts business gatherings from all over the country. During any given week, you’ll find conventions, trade shows, professional conferences and other meetings and events covering everything from boats and RVs to high-tech gadgets and everything in between.

It can be hard to stand out and attract customers when you take part in these events. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd. But not if you have something special to offer—such T-shirts printed right before your customers’ eyes.


Everybody wins with live screen printing

Live screen printing (aka event screen printing and on-site screen printing) gives your customers the opportunity to:
• Choose the ink colors and T-shirt colors they like
• Pick the design they like best

With that much freedom, they can come up with a shirt that says a lot about them even as it says a lot about you. Your customers get a shirt they’ve designed themselves, and you get a marketing tool that will take your brand far and wide.

T-shirts are among the most popular articles of clothing in the world. People love to wear them because they can be personalized, they’re comfortable and they’re easy to take care of. When they’re also uniquely theirs, people love them even more.

That’s what makes live screen printing such a great marketing tool. Your customers get the fun. You get the free advertising. It’s definitely a win-win situation.


Great marketing made easy

If someone said to you that you could have a dynamite marketing program in two steps, you’d probably think something like, “What a crank.”

And you’d be right. It takes a lot more than two steps to set up and carry out a live screen printing operation. But here’s the thing: You only need to do two things:
• Decide how many shirts you need
• Choose a place to deliver them

We can do all the rest.

On the other hand, if you like to be a bit more involved, you can be. Here are some of the other steps and how you can take part:
• Design—provide the designs, suggest the designs or let your printer provide them
• T-shirt—pick the kind you like or let your printer give you option
• Colors—Specify the shirt and ink colors you want or ask your printer which colors work best for your purposes

When it comes to set-up and printing, though, it’s best to leave it to the experts. A live screen printer should be able to handle everything from staff and equipment to prep and printing with speed and efficiency as well as a good attitude. After all, the printer is part of your marketing team. Besides, you need time to talk with your customers about your company and what it can do for them (in addition to giving them a fantastic T-shirt).


Plan on live screen printing for your next event

Whether your schedule calls for you to show your stuff at a giant event or you just want to spice up the annual office picnic, live screen printing can raise the excitement level more than a few notches. So don’t wait. Your screen printer is busy keeping up with all the other requests for service.

Want more information? Just call or email us. We love what we do, and we’re proud of the way we do it. We look forward to seeing you in Kansas City.

Dallas & Forth Worth, Texas

A sprawling metro area with enough energy to power a nation, Dallas/Fort Worth is among the business capitals of the United States. So it hosts many a convention, sales meeting and other event throughout the year. Large and small, these meetings have one thing in common: the attempt to sell products and services with the need to bring people in and give them a reason to buy.

It’s up to you how you get customers to buy, but bringing them to you so you can work your magic should be in the hands of a master of live screen printing. Also know as event screen printing and on-site screen printing, live screen printing gives your customers a reason to stick around because it’s fun. And when customers have fun, they’re more likely to appreciate your pitch. Then they walk away with a brand new T-shirt that they’ve helped create.


How live screen printing attracts customers

If you’ve ever been to a Japanese restaurant, you have an idea of why live screen printing is so entertaining. At the restaurant, professional chefs perform. They don’t just cut, slice, dice and cook. They put on a show. It’s almost as much fun watching the food get made as it is to eat it.

That’s what live screen printing is like. Your customers get a performance, and they take part in it. The action for your customers consists of:
• Choosing the design they like from as many choices as you want to give them
• Picking T-shirt and ink colors that speak to them
• Watching as the shirt gets printed by experts at screen printing


How to capture the excitement of live screen printing

You can enjoy all the benefits of live screen printing for your business at your next event. But if you decide it’s what you want to do, you need to make sure you’re working with the right screen printer.

Here are some things you need to know:
• How much experience does the screen printer have with operating during events? You want to be certain all the bases are covered and downtime will be avoided.
• Can the screen printer deliver shirts in the style you want on time?
• If you need design help, can the screen printer provide it using a professional designer?
• Can the printer take care of all the prep work necessary to print on-site?
• Will the screen printer perform as part of your marketing team with service that invites your customers to be part of the process?

Remember, you shouldn’t have to do all the work. In fact, if you wish, you can limit your labor to two items: the number of shirts you need and the event location and date. Your screen printer should be able to take care of the rest.


Take advantage of the fun of live screen printing

Participating in meetings, conferences and trade shows is stressful. There are lots of details to deal with. Live screen printing allows you to provide a special treat for your customers without having to sweat the small stuff. If you choose the right screen printer, you can enjoy the benefits without the worries.

Want more information? Just call or email us. We love what we do, and we’re proud of the way we do it. We look forward to seeing you in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Los Angeles, California

Ah, LA, home of sun, sand, sea and stars—movie stars, that is. What a great place to hold a sales meeting, convention, professional meeting or any other event that attracts people from near and far. And what a perfect place to join in the fun with live screen printing or, if you prefer, on-site screen printing or event screen printing. They’re all the same thing.

So what’s so great about live screen printing? You can count the ways:

  1. Customers love it. They get a freshly minted T-shirt made to order.
  2. You’ll love it because it gives you free (or almost free) advertising everywhere your customers choose to wear their T-shirt.
  3. It’s easy. You can do just about as much or as little as you want to make it happen, and it will still happen.
  4. You’ll have time to talk to your customers while they watch their T-shirt being printed, so you have a better chance of making a meaningful connection.
  5. When the event is over, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up. It’s all done quickly, efficiently and with a winning attitude.


Live screen printing—the perfect solution for almost any event

That’s right. We challenge you to come up with an event—except maybe the Zombie Apocalypse—where printed T-shirts wouldn’t be a hit, especially when the people who are going to wear them get to pick the colors and design.

Live screen printing gives your customers not only a valued takeaway but also the pleasure of selecting the elements that go into making it. Try that with a ballpoint pen or a stress ball. People love T-shirts, and they love to wear them because they’re comfortable and—under the right circumstances—they say something about the people wearing them. Most people like to make a statement.

The really nice thing about T-shirts is that they make a statement not only about the people wearing them but also about you. Your brand is part of the design. It will be seen by thousands of people over the course of the T-shirt’s life. So it’s mobile advertising that costs almost nothing.


How to choose the right screen printing company

Of course, you don’t want your brand handled by just any old screen printer. You want only the best. To find that perfect match among companies that offer live screen printing, you’ll want to ask some questions:
• Do you offer design help with professional designers, or is it up to my company to come up with the design on our own?
• Do you have the shirt style we want, and will you help us decide which style works best?
• Will you help us select ink and shirt colors that best represent our brand?
• Will you absolutely, without a doubt show up at our event at the right place on time?
• Do you have the staff and equipment to do the job the way we want it done?

In other words, you want a screen printing company that requires you to do as little as necessary to make their job possible. What’s necessary on your part boils down to two things: choosing the event location and letting the screen printer know how many shirts you need. After that, you can pick and choose where to get involved. After all, you have better things to do that chase after another vendor.


Now let your customers have some fun

Live screen printing has proven itself as marketing tool time and again. It’s one of the best ways around to make a memorable impression. The next step is up to you, so make the call.

Want more information? Just call or email us. We love what we do, and we’re proud of the way we do it. We look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles.

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